Here  you can see some of our special offers :



Offer 1

The more you buy ,the more money you will receive back with a Paypal gift card for your next order to our online store !!!!


"Mio Quadro - Offer "



Here , how it works our money back program :


Total Order Cost*         

Money Back

with Paypal Gift Card

From 100,00 Euros

Up to 199,00 Euros     ---->


10,00 Euros

From 200,00 Euros

Up to 299,00 Euros     ---->


20,00 Euros

From 300,00 Euros

Up to 399,00 Euros     ---->


30,00 Euros

From 400,00 Euros

Up to 499,00 Euros     ---->


40,00 Euros

From 500,00 Euros

Up to 599,00 Euros     ---->


50,00 Euros

From 600,00 Euros

Up to 699,00 Euros     ---->


60,00 Euros

From 700,00 Euros

Up to 799,00 Euros     ---->


70,00 Euros

From 800,00 Euros

Up to 899,00 Euros     ---->


80,00 Euros

From 900,00 Euros

Up to 999,00 Euros     ---->


90,00 Euros

From 1000,00 Euros

Up to 1500,00 Euros   ---->


100,00 Euros 


* Total order cost is only the products cost and not includes the shipping cost. 



Here is an example :


You make an order of  250,00 Euros (products cost only).


Then you will receive with your products a Paypal gift card of 20,00 Euros , which you can use for your next order in our online store.


"Mio Quadro - Gift card"
Mio Quadro - Gift Card Sample


( For more informations , how you can redeem your Paypal gift card make click here ).




Offer 2

Make a big order and take the advantage of international free shipping !!!!


"Mio Quadro - Big Orders+Free Shipping"


Here , how it works our free international shipping program :


Make an order  more than 50 different pieces/items* .
Win free international shipping.

* Valid only for wood frame products and not for wood ship products



Offer 3

Make your order now and choose your present !!!!



Here , how it works our present program :


Make your order with the products you like.
Add your present to the shopping cart without any extra cost.


You can find your present to the Presents area.


Just choose one of them.



Choose your present now !!!!